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..and its finally over.

this was a super long weekend. It started thursday night when after hula jade came over and we had a photoshoot till like 2 in the morning. Friday morning woke up and did a lot of running around. I had to go to the DMV. Jesus i hate the DMV. I'm surprised they dont have shootings there every day. The first window we went to had Selena's murderer helping us. But she spoke little english and didnt listen to a word we said. So we moved on to a bootleg shaq. He had the jersey on and everything. Behind him he even had a cardboard cut out of the real shaq. He was more helpful. After that went to the supermarket which is always fun and exciting with the girls. Friday night jade and i went to the movies and saw 13 Going On 30. Aww that movie was so sad. Go see it, it was good. Saturday went to hula and then shopping. Saturday night mom wanted me to stay in so we had a girls  night. Sunday woke up went to tahitian and singing lessons. And now i just got home from a bbq at uncles. LOL Chloe and i jammed on the ukulele. Our fingers arent fast enough to hit every cord so we alternated each cord so the other person could set their fingers up for the next  cord. We're so gonna have a band. It was chloe, dad and i on the ukulele, jr on the tahitian uke and uncle's vocals. Good times.

Shower Time with Alyssa and Jade

Checking ourselves out in the mirror

Cool shots.

A Supermarket Experience

Jade loves Bacon

"Would you like to try one of our samples?"

Produce Section.

So fresh its right off the tree!

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