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Hoike 2004

So the hoike is over and i almost wanna cry. Its kinda sad my last hoike for a while. But it was a great hoike to end with. I did both my solos and a special dance with the girls from the class of 04. Woohoo ja and kai. Im upset i hardly took any pictures but as soon as the show started i didnt even get a chance to breathe. I had quick changed back to back. So when i wasnt on stage i was ripping my clothes of with the help of other people and throwing some different outfit right back on and running back on stage. We had a good audience. Aww the kawika boys are awesome. They brought us signs. In the middle of our dance a sign saying "K-UNIT" goes up. We loved it guys! And i heard my name and screams plenty of times too. Thanks! 1st half of the show went by fast. My solo went good. I wish it went that great at competition. Sound system didnt drown me out. 2nd half was fun. I could actually see the audience then, it wasnt just a black hole. A little distracting with aja alia mark and luey all front row center. After the show all the teens, our families, friend and the kawika boys went to dinner together. Had a good game of elevator tag. The girls so won that game. Aww i love kehau! Shes so cute. Today was mother's day. We went to a mother's day festival and saw kawika's halau and then went to uncle's. It was a good day with mom. Well heres some of the few pics i took  from the show.

THE MEAN LEAN TEEN MACHINE...me looking all outta place with my red.

Jenna and I appreciating the beauty of our plastic maile.

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Haha...you look like a drama queen... :-)
you girls all look so beautiful! this makes me reminisce about my chinese dance troupe...
alyssa i like your icon, its so pretty! and old looking! tres cool...

ear piercing on wed!
You can't look hardcore with leaves on your head.
we can do anything we want. lol
We are SO hardcore...oh and its not just the look, it's the attitude.
Girls who wear leaves on their head by choice cannot have a hardcore attitude.
Tell me these girls do not have hardcore attitudes. Pssh...you DON'T know.LOL

ok ok i think u guys could pass for hardcore.. but ehhh look at me... i am so not hardcore...LoL
What's wrong with your hands? Did you injure them?
yeah you definetly dont know.
And no they're not injured. We have beautiful hands...we have beautiful everything
At least you're humble.
know what i just noticed? up in the "gangsta k2" pic it goes from light to dark. i feel like im looking at a scale of colors.. the lighter ones on the right and the dark ones on the left. haha. that's great... we are SO gangsta
hmm..kinda but i think it has a lot to do with the lighting...kuz jenna aint that dark. LOL