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Busy Busy Busy

This weekend was awesome! Friday i had hula and went to jade's. Stayed up till 330 and then woke our asses up at 6 to go set up at ho'olaule'a. Then went to hula and back to ho'olaule'a where we saw our kawika boys dance. I don't think i've ever had that much fun watching another halau perform. But of course aja, alia and jade being there helped. Had plenty of sex...hula sex. We also watched Anela and spotty get it on. We all hooked up with plenty of boyfriends. Nathan, dylan and ryan. Good times. Then after i went to dinner with kalani josh and some smart ass kid named matt. LOL. Almost left josh at the restaurant playing video games. Sunday went to tahitian..went to the armours and woke aja up, and then went to kainani's graduation lunch. After lunch i went to some carnival, hung out with the kawika boys. I love elias! k well thats about it. Check out the pictures.

The beautful photography of Ryusaki


Kainani's graduation lunch

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