exotic_vixen (exotic_vixen) wrote,

He's Gone.

On Wed. Sept. 29th my daddy passed away. And Saturday Oct. 2nd was his funeral...an awesome funeral. It almost didn't feel like a funeral..more like a show for my dad. There were over 250 people at the funeral...the support was amazing. This whole thing doesn't seem real. I'm still waiting for dad to just come back. He was my everything . But like jade says...im a hard ass. LoL. I'm gonna be fine kuz i have so much support and love.

I dont know where to start i have so many thank you's.

Hula Halau 'O Kamuela has been my backbone through all of this. I don't know what my family would do without you guys. My hula sisters..where would i be without you? I was so touched that you girls were there and danced for dad. I was overwhelmed when you guys came to me after we were pau dancing. I love you girls more than you know. I love my halau....and my other halau...that im not really apart of lol....but my heart is with my kawika boys. You guys rock. Thanks for everything. We're gonna go fishing! I always have a good time with you guys. And my high school friends! Sarah, Luey, Mark and Carlos it was so nice of them to come to the funeral. Its good to know its not out of sight out of mind.

I miss my dad like crazy already. And if you knew me you knew i was super close to my dad. Love you dad...wherever you are.
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