exotic_vixen (exotic_vixen) wrote,

Ok so ive been super busy lately...but of course not too busy for my OPOs. Saturday went to hula...and i was surprisingly sore from that. Maybe its all the stabbing and pounding mook is making us do. Crazy shit. Aww and uncle set the mixed kane and wahine line. Yay we finally have kane. Now they just gotta get good. LoL After went to pick up chlo and went to alia's party. It was pretty awesome. A bit segregated but its kool. We can be intimidating sometimes. jk. The kawika boys were there...thats always fun. Stayed up too late saturday night kuz kendal and carly wouldnt shut up about some edwin character. LoL. Halau meeting..dont know what that was about didnt listen. But while i was staring at the walls i noticed uncle put a picture up of dad in the middle so he can watch us dance. ...still missing him. 4 weeks today. After the meeting some K2 Kane came over...took em to pump my gas kuz i dont do that yet. Then chris met up with the boys at my house...Fuckers honked at me! I was waiting for matt to tell me there were no cars coming!

P.S Uggs are hott!

Alia's Party.


When you're a fat ass like alia and i its never a wrong time for sit-ups.

How many K2 Kane does it take to pump gas?

Happy Birthday Alia!

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