exotic_vixen (exotic_vixen) wrote,

So this weekend was fun. Got to spend more time with my hula sisters.

Thurs: Eww...we had to clean our dorm for inspection. I'm so gonna have a maid when i have my own home. Why is cleaning so hard? So our dorm cleaning got boring and it just turned into a big fight between my roomates. We ended up messing with erica's room and building a huge fort trapping 2 of my roomates in their bathroom. It was hilarious! Thurs. night went to parties at the UVs which is always an experience.

My Roomate Madison.

The fort we built.

...and this is what happens when u leave your room unlocked!


Sat....more hula. Chilled with jade and alia and went to daniel's party.

Stole these from alia...i love you sis!

...lol we're missing aja and daniel. jk.

tell me thats not hott.

Sun: just went to tahitian and to lunch with the girls. nothing too exciting

Mon: Audition for MTV...wasnt that great. After went to lunch @ CPK with MOOK, uncle donald, chels, brooke, lauren and chlo. Then Mook took us to Louis Vuitton..to go xmas shopping. Hanging out with uncle outside of hula is really fun believe it or not. He's hilarious. LoL. Oh yeah and i got a ticket! Woohoo. I was with lauren and chloe it makes it so much better. It was just a parking ticket. Me n chloe knew we were gonna get it when we parked we were just too lazy to look for another space and didn't wanna walk far. LoL.

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