exotic_vixen (exotic_vixen) wrote,

New bathing suit = trip to San Diego

This weekend was so much fun. Three day weekends rock! Friday: Went to see "Saved" with anjelika marielle and carolyn after we went to marielle's and had tons of lauhgs. Will post pictures from that soon. Saturday: Went to hula and ran a few errands. Nothing too exciting. Sunday: Went apartment shopping. Found the perfect apartment. The best thing about it is that it has 2 walk in closets! Woohoo. I love it! It has 4 pools and 2 fitness rooms. I'll have the hula girls over to play in those...cant have enough fun in a fitness room. Theres also a pool house to chill in or rent for parties. Then after looking at apartments i went to buy a new bathing suit and decided that the next best thing to do was go to San Diego. So we headed there and went to the beach. So many people were there. The Lahaina Beach house was packed with so many gorgeous guys! Aja get ready San Diego has plenty of beautiful guys, i'll be coming to visit you plenty. Theres also a lot of skank hoes and heffers that think they can wear any kine bathing suit. We'll so get ourselves into trouble. Monday: Woke up and just chilled. Had a weekend without my brother which is always nice and peaceful. But then we had to go pick him up in Diamond Bar. The kid irriatates me all the time. But i love going out there kuz i get to see Kehau! She is too cute. She drew me and picture of us together lol. It was a masterpiece. Having Sunday and Monday off from hula was an amazing thing. I cant wait till we leave for hawaii then come back so i can finally take a break. Life without hula is going to be an experience. WooHoo!
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