exotic_vixen (exotic_vixen) wrote,

Island Fever!

Yeah im back from Hawai'i. I miss it there sooo much. But yes i had an awesome time, we kicked ass in our hula competition and partied hard. Good times! I have no idea where to begin to describe all the things we did so im just going to post the pictures.

Down at the studio laying down the tracks!
Going for a swim after competition at Waikiki.
..and changing in the surf boards at Waikiki after our swim...theres chloe!
Partying at the local bar "High Tide".
Chillin at Erin's House.
Down in Waimea Valley.
Taking a dip in Shark's Cove kuz Ciara had to pee.
...and still finding time to win hula compeititons.
Oh yeah Congratulations '04 Graduates...Woohoo go me and cis!
and of course in between all this we had plenty of hula practice!
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